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Our production

Our production

Functional blends and spice mixes. Spice blends are produced by experienced Raps company using innovative technology of production. Artificial sausage casings. The assortment consists of 12 articles of products and more than 30 modified polyamide casings for sausages and frankfurters. Thermoformable films and vacuum bags. Thermoformable films used for products that are packed in a gaseous environment or in a vacuum. Thermo shrinkable bags for cheese package. Depending on the type of cheese we offer bags with different barrier properties. 

Isolated soy proteins and concentrates. These meat supplements enrich meat products in proteins, increasing nutritional value.

Natural hog, beef, sheep casings. Flavours. Food additives (antioxidants, emulsifiers, sweeteners). Regular and modified starch. Various types of functional starch guarantee stabile structure and good water binding capacity in the end product.