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Vacuum bags

Vakuuminiai maišeliai aprašymas

Vacuum bags

Our Vacuum bags Vakuum Let are manufactured using a high-quality film and advanced technology. Robust and quality multilayer (PA / PE) Vacuum bags are the right packaging for your products. They are sufficiently flexible and soft to fit nicely to the product, and meanwhile they are strong enough to prevent the spiky fish bones from pinking the package.

Suitable to pack all food products: dairy sausages, smoked and non-smoked meat products, curd cheeses, fruit, vegetables and lots of other products. Various dimensions will meet the needs of everyone. You can choose the right thickness. Bags can be printed in 8 colors on both sides.

Vakuuminiai maišeliai galime pasiūlyti

We can offer you:

  • vacuum bags of various thicknesses and sizes;
  • vacuum bags with prints;
  • short order completion time;
  • vacuum bags with a hole for hanging.


  • great transparency;
  • good oxygen barrier and water vapour barrier;
  • good odour and aroma barrier;
  • excellent fusion bonding even under difficult conditions.

Bags are suitable for vacuum packaging of the following products

  • fresh meat and processed meat products;
  • cheese products;
  • fish and seafood products;
  • poultry products;
  • frozen products;
  • semi-finished products;
  • confectionery;
  • medical devices.